Master Teacher

Fullerton, California, United States | Children's Center | Full-time


Position Title: Master Teacher


Salary Starting Range: $58,240 - $64,944


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

This position requires a person who is committed to providing an environment in which young children, their parents, and child care trainees can develop their skills in an atmosphere of respect and self-esteem. It requires great energy and enthusiasm, the ability to innovate, communicate and cooperate with others, and the ability to be self-motivated. Commitment to the Children's Center philosophy, policies, and procedures is also important, for teamwork is vital to the program.

1. Responsible for the daily operation and development of a program for children within the philosophy and goals of the CSUF Children's Center. Implement the program with the student staff, student interns, and volunteers.
2. Apply an understanding of child development in program planning, child guidance, parent communication and supervision of others.
3. Develop a balanced program appropriate to the ages of the children.
4. Create a physical environment which nurtures, enriches and challenges children to learn.
5. Maintain strict adherence to safety procedures and standards. Attend safety meetings as scheduled. Assist in the maintenance of a safe and clean work environment. Establish routines and organization of materials which facilitates an orderly environment. Custodial staff will clean rooms.
6. Develop a healthy emotional climate in the classroom, stressing high self-esteem for children, parents and teachers.
7. Actively supervise and train student staff, student interns and volun¬teers.
8. Conduct required child developmental assessments and Set individual goals for each child based on individual needs. Show acceptance of each child's uniqueness.
9. Develop communication with parents through daily contact, conferences and other means, for the benefit of the children.
10. Advise supervisor of program needs, such as materials, scheduling, support, etc.
11. Participate in all applicable staff meetings. Lead classroom staff meetings. Participate actively in overall program development.
12. Required to wear back support equipment when lifting.
13. Other duties as assigned.

Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

Equivalent to B.A. or B.S. in Child Development or related field. Must have completed three units each in Infant Development and Administration. Additional specialized experience which has demonstrated applicant has acquired and successfully applied the knowledge and abilities described above may be substituted for required education on a year-to-year basis. Must hold or be eligible for a Children's Center permit issued by the California State Department of Education Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing.

Pre-School: At least two years of experience as a teacher of children under five years of age.
Infant-Toddler: At least two years of teaching experience as teacher of children under five years of age; preferably/experience with children under age of three.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Work effectively within a complex organizational setting and a multi-cultured campus environment.
• Establish and maintain effective, cooperative and harmonious relationships within for students, staff, co-workers and the general public. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with children, parents and staff.
• A thorough knowl¬edge of child development principles, demonstrated through past study, training, experience and ongoing professional growth.
• Ability to create a physical and emotional environment which nurtures, enriches and challenges children to learn.
• The ability to set appropriate goals for each child, to plan for their achievement, and to accept each child's individual uniqueness.
• Addressing problems and issues constructively to find mutually acceptable and practical business solutions; and
• Respecting the diversity of our work force in actions, works and deeds.

Core Competencies
• Interacting Well with Children
• Creating a Learning Environment
• Skilled at Lesson Plan Design
• Able to Use Varied Teaching Strategies
• Able to Provide Assessment
• Able to Identify Student Needs
• Good at Communication
• Able to Collaborate
• Demonstrating a Commitment to Early Childhood Education
• Able to mentor students

Typical Physical Requirement:
Stand and walk for extended periods; lift or carry up to 25 lbs. with a safety harness; reach above the shoulders; hand grasping, touching, bending, pushing and pulling; manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination; corrected hearing and vision to normal range; verbal and written communication. Must be able to perform diaper changes.

Typical Work Environment:
Art materials, disinfecting solutions, noise, dirt/dust, fumes/odors, inside and outside temperature changes. Contact with Staff, children, parents, and the campus community. May come into contact with childhood viruses/diseases.

Typical Mental Requirements:
Writing, concentrating amid distractions, reading, memorization, perception/comprehension, judgment, decision making.

Special Requirements:
• Must be able to pass pre-employment TB test and urine drug screen.
• Must be able to provide proof of immunizations for pertussis, measles and flu (flu is optional with Declination of Vaccination form.)
• Employment will be contingent on a satisfactory employment history, fingerprint criminal background checks and reference checks.
• Must complete Bloodborne Pathogens Training within three (3) months of employment and annually thereafter.
• Subject to DMV Pull program. May be required to drive occasionally as needed.
• Required to be a Mandatory Reporter and sign ASI Mandatory Reporter Form.


The Associated Students, CSUF, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.